Health Forever Anti-Mold (Sticker) Chip

* Product Description

Our Fresh (sticker) chip has passed many food safety tests and certified by following organizations :
- Europe Union RoHS Standard
- Sanitation Standard for Utensils, Containers, and Packages in Taiwan

* Product Specification

    Our products are made from pure ingredients: Grape seed, wasabi, chili. It is totally human body and environment friendly.

Model and Size:

Product Num
Product Description
Best use for package space of
Health Forever Fresh (Sticker) Chip 5cm * 5 cm
20cm * 10cm * 5cm
Health Forever Fresh (Sticker) Chip 5cm * 2.5cm
20cm * 10cm * 2.5cm
Health Forever Fresh (Sticker) Chip 5cm * 1.25cm
20cm * 10cm * 1.25cm




Take out Fresh (Sticker) Chip from the bag then place it into a container/bag where user store their precious stuff. After the container/bag is properly sealed, our Fresh (Sticker) Chip will protect items from mold caused damages. It also reduce the odor that causes by germ and bacteria.

Product shelf life is one year if the package is not opened. After open the product package, the Fresh (Sticker) Chip has to be used within 5 days.


Health Forever Fresh (Sticker) Chip is made from pure ingredients, and it is human body friendly. If some one acciently eat this product, one should have no problem to digest it. Of course, drinking plently water and milk will help, too.

If some one acciently eat the Fresh (Sticker) Chip and choke, please perform "Heimlich Maneuver".

Here are the steps:

1. Place yourself slightly behind the standing victim.

2. Place your arms around the victim's waist.

3. Make a fist with one hand and place your thumb toward the victim, just above his or her belly button. then grab your fist with your other hand.

4. Deliver five upward squeeze-thrusts into the abdomen.

5. Make each squeeze-thrust strong enough to dislodge a foreign body.

6. Repeat the Heimlich maneuver until the foreign body is expelled.

If patient still don't feel well after that, please go see a doctor immediately.