Health Forever Sticker Roll

* Product Description

Health Forever Sticker Roll contains the same ingredients of Health Forever (Sticker) Chip. It is designed for our clients to use at product line. The roll can be cut by user's machine and in a customize size for a particular product.

* Product Specification

(1) One Fresh Sticker roll contains 2000 pcs of 5cm X 5cm sticker.
(2) Period of use: One year. (it depends on the environment)
(3) Ingredients: Grape seed, wasabi, chili, and plant essence.

* Instruction

(1) Each 5cm X 5cm sticker is recommended for a container size of 25cm X 25cm X 15cm.
(2) Place a proper number of fresh sticker(s) to a container.
(3) Seal tight the container.
(4) Store unused roll/sticker to a container and seal the container properly.