Health Forever Fresh Chip

* Product Description

Taiwell Tech Health Forever Fresh Chip is make from ingredients: grape seed, wasabi, and chili. Wasabi and chili have effect of anti-bacteria, and grape seed is a anti-oxidant. Combine these ingredient with our latest biotechnology, we produce the Health Forever Fresh Chip, which is human body and environment friendly. Our Fresh Chip will eliminate germ, bacteria, and mold in a packed food to keep food freshness longer.

* Product Specification

Ingredients: Grape seed, wasabi, and chili.


Product Num
Product Description
Best use for package space of
Health Forever Fresh Chip 5cm * 5cm
20cm * 10cm * 5cm
Health Forever Fresh Chip 3cm * 3cm
20cm * 10cm * 1.8cm
Health Forever Fresh Chip 2.5cm * 2.5cm
20cm * 10cm * 1.25cm




* Instructions

Take out Fresh Chip from the bag then place it into a container/bag where user store their precious stuff. After the container/bag is properly sealed, our Fresh Chip will protect items from mold caused damages. It also reduce the odor that causes by germ and bacteria.

Product shelf life is one year if the package is not opened. After open the product package, the Fresh Chip has to be used within 5 days.